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Perfect Circle

May 8, 2015

Sean Michael, April 2015

A painted sky in shades of black and grey,treestruckbylightening
a ripple of purple and midnight blue,
a leafless tree, long dead, reaches for the stars hidden.
A seditious wind kicks up dust from the dehydrated earth;
It’s dark and cold on the road with no direction from the
mirthless moon to light the way.
A treacherous journey for my soul, the wanderer,
to travel these plains.
Lightning strikes! Insanity! Flash bulbs capturing the
horror, still frames in my mind;
Who knows which beasts lie in wait for my arrival:
I hear them in the distance.
I toss and I turn, sweat and I burn,
In search of the ever elusive,
Some other place nearly forgotten,
Now more difficult to imagine.
I step, stagger, wander on,
Feeling though, as if I’ve trekked a perfect circle.

Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, May 8, 2015


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  1. A perfect circle ending is a sharp contrast to the wanderer’s journey ~


    • The poem is meant to say that, after all, I’ve gotten nowhere on my spiritual journey in search of the ever elusive happiness, hope, peace. I thought the contrast was cool. Did you like the “sharp contrast” or did you think it didn’t work?


  2. I suspect every path is part of a circle. Nicely done.


  3. The wanderer has such a perfect circle – the treacherous journey of life – very intense too.


  4. The circle is both great and could also feel like we don’t really move. Maybe and hopefully it’s a helix.


  5. hypercryptical permalink

    Sometimes life is a never ending circle with hopes and dreams dashed. Did you read my comment on about?
    Anna :o]


    • You’re right. Feeling as though you’ve walked a perfect circle just to end up back where you began. My grandma sent your “About” comment to me. I’d be happy to write to you. Just use the address she posted there.


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