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Her Smile, Her Song

April 9, 2015

By Sean Michael, 2012Austin_Dentist_Smiling_Woman

She’s so gorgeous,
And she’s looking at me.
She has an honest, incredible smile,
Her smile is amazing.
I could get lost in her smile, those resplendent eyes.

She’s wearing Converse and jeans.
Her shirt has a heart on the front,
Says LOVE in pink.
A million things I want to say.
I can’t think!
Soon, thoughts of her will be driving me crazy.
She’s walking away…

I blink,
She’s gone.
She took the words she inspired,
The words to that song.
In my mind I sang it to her
My voice wan’t great but she loved it anyway.
Because it was her song.

I hope one day someone sings it to her,
Her song,
And she smiles,
That beautiful smile.


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, April 9, 2015


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  1. I hope someday too that someone will sing that song to her….or perhaps you will have the opportunity to sing the song to her once again.


  2. love ties the tongue in knots sometimes 🙂


  3. I hope someday she hears the beautiful songs ~ I admire the optimistic & positive way you ended this poem Sean ~


  4. It’s always the depth of the words and not necessarily the voice. I hope she gets to hear the songs.


  5. as long as they’re your words, the voice doesn’t matter… tender write


  6. Everyone deserves such a song.


  7. Beautiful.


  8. One of the greatest signs of true love is when you want the other person to be loved and happy even if that means that they are loved and happy with someone other than you….your ending about hoping she will smile when someone sings to her demonstrates this type of love!


  9. You are a good writer. You will write more songs & know more smiles, I assure you.


  10. The last lines are filled with emotion – a loving and lovely write


  11. Such a song is so heartfelt.. To have the smile torn away to early is heavy.. Love the hope still.


    • She was just a stranger I noticed looking at me from the corner of her eye. I saw her again later as she came around a corner. Our eyes met, and she smiled. Years later, I wrote this poem.


  12. what a beautiful song of being seen… touches the heart


  13. Thank you, Claudia. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem.


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