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The System Has Failed

April 8, 2015

I’ve been engaged in sort of a spiritual warfare with the guy 3 cells down from me. I hate to even give him a mention. He’s been on the tier explicitly describing his crime the heinous crime of child molestation. He has enthusiastically announced, “I’m a molester, I love it!” The way I have been battling his words and actions is by thinking of all the love and strength children carry in their hearts and souls and praying that the little boy he molested will be capable of overcoming the theft of his innocence. I’ve been singing loudly order to block this idiot out. I’m also trying trying to get his information, so that I can know exactly who he is and how much time he’s serving. He needs to be locked up forever!

I have to live in close quarters with individual and every bone in my body is telling me to hurt him. I’ve spoken to my doctor about this, about the things he is saying and how it is affecting me. They told me to rest assured they are doing everything in their power to handle the situation and put an end to it, as it’s not only bothering me, but other inmates and staff as well. It will be interesting to see what they do.

I keep being reminded of john Gardner , that poor excuse of a person, and what he did after serving almost five years for the attempted rape of a young teen girl. After release, he raped and killed two girls. It seems to me that people like this are only thinking of how to do it again.

It enrages me that I got 25 to life for essentially an auto accident, and this person who says he loves to be a molester will possibly see the free world again, long before I’m even given the chance. I want to hurt him. I get giddy, the way a boxer might before a fight, just thinking about it.

I hate this fucking place, I hate this fucking world sometimes too. I hate people and life sometimes. I hate rules and the people who write these contradicting laws. I want to go him. I’m tired. My is in damn good shape, but my souls is tired. Right now I’m just trying to stay out of trouble so I can get my radio and have some music. I can hear all the staff out there joking and laughing, and for some reason, it’s pissing me off. I’m not even sure why I wrote this—I guess my bLog has sort of become my diary/journal. I’m going to go and do a few hundred push ups now; try to get rid of this excess anger I’m feeling.


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