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February 13, 2015

by Sean MichaelLioness

A lioness lives inside of you
Fiercely defending the one she loves
Nurturing the wounded
undaunted to take a stance against
that which threatens her passion
Willing to fight tooth and claw for
what she believes in
Outraged at injustice
with a spirit of freedom
The plains are yours
Queen of the pride


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  1. The female lion is the worker, the provider of the family. Which is why I love your analogy so much. It is so true…. We could be nothing without our stronger halves….


  2. I wonder if this happens to you. Sometimes I’ll be inspired by something or moved, touched, but I won’t know what to write about it. I know I want to, and I guess it just gets filed away somewhere in my brain, heart, or soul, then something else happens but I haven’t quite connected the two, then finally it just comes to life on the page and suddenly, it all makes sense. That is how this poem went. I watched a news story where a father had abducted his infant child and is involved in car chase, he pulls over in front of the mother’s house, jumps out of the car and starts shouting at the police (live footage on TV). The mother runs out to the car, cradles the child against her breast and runs back to her house. I was watching a PBS special about lions and one tribe had lost its male lion He wandered off in search of new territory for hunting and was presumably killed. The two lionesses defended their cubs against two mail lions that were trying to kill them to start their own pride with these lionesses. One cub was killed, but they fought fiercely for the others. Corresponding with my friend Dana she expressed some things to me about how angry she was about the mistreatment of a child and about some unfair laws. I could just see her and hear her, even without her presence. I wrote her back and said I have an idea for a poem. It still took me about two weeks to finish but it all came together. Where would we be without our stronger half indeed….


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