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A Place Called Poetry

February 9, 2015

By Sean Michael, November, 2014

Poetry is a place where the word liberty offers its truest form, where notions and dreams are made true.

A place where I am freed for a time from the many regrets accrued, where the burdens of shame are lifted, and the poignancy of pain is dulled just ever so much to be bearable.

Damn the regrets! Damn the pain and shame and loss! Every time I close my eyes there is a vision of these! But poetry is a place where these visions birth beauty.sunset

Yes, the way she glided past so sweetly lending a look that offered something so pretty and dirty all at once is fulfilled in poetry…

Yes, the happy home split down the middle is repaired; the sawing and hammering done in verse.

The idea, the dream that losses can be regained is promised in poetry.

The passion that is shed from pen to paper is a worthy sacrifice for somehow it starts to make sense.

Poetry is a place I sojourn as often as possible, because the world outside kinda sucks.


Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, June 18, 2015


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  1. How is life inside man?
    I am glad you found poetry as a way to express yourself as you make that journey.
    And to chronicle it for others who fall along the same path.


  2. I must say I feel for you man, but I’m happy that you have found poetry.. I think it’s the best place to dive into sometimes.


  3. Poetry often does lead us into another world.. where perhaps we can find solace 🙂
    Well penned..


  4. Excellent expression of the blessing of poetry. My favorite stanza is: “The idea, the dream that losses can be regained is promised in poetry.” Peace, Linda


  5. Poetry is indeed a haven like no other. It is both a place where dreams can develop and where we can escape.


  6. Poetry is truly a haven like no other and it is one over which we have control and freedom.


  7. Sawing and hammering is done in verse… nice line!


  8. This had me ready for another weep, tears to close to the surface. Beautiful, just beautiful.


  9. Poetry is an open door, is it not? I’m glad you have found it. We use it for similar purposes, I reckon. Have a magical Midsummer


  10. “The passion that is shed from pen to paper”—yes, there is a definite healing in that place of sojourn and you’ve worded it beautifully 🙂


  11. a fine poem – sometimes in writing, we illuminate ourselves


  12. ImagiNaTion set free.. creativity poetry.. sOul..
    heArt expressing spirIT.. what the cEO will
    never know.. now to be alive.. is their prison..
    but bars removed from heaRt and soUl..
    in walls and bars of coldest.. still cannot
    stop a heart from beating Art
    of spiRiT.. a uniVERSE
    of i.. is finAlly


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