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Homage to a Loved One

February 6, 2015

By Destinie Condon

Just a few months ago, my thought process led me to you. I googled your name, and the page was flooded with articles of a tragedy.

I gasped for air hoping it couldn’t be true…

I didn’t want to believe it could be you. As I desperately searched through letters and pictures, I told myself it wasn’t true, but deep down inside, I knew. I dropped to my hands and knees pleading for you.

It was you.

So I continue to plead for you. Your heart and soul. Your eyes and ears. I pray for you … The boy I once loved.

I loved the simplicity of the truth we shared. No judgement was passed, only support was given. Regardless of right or wrong, there was still love… holding each other accountable for rights and wrongs, but with only love.

I pray for the boy I once loved. A boy who was lost. Lost in a world not made for him. Lost in a world with few options.

I saw it. I saw the hurt, sadness, and pain. I saw an amazing and talented young man, who’s only path was heartache—a boy who I only knew through words in ink.

I always prayed for this boy I once loved. I prayed that he would choose good over evil. I prayed that he’d learn to love himself and know his worth — know how gifted he is. I prayed over and over that he would find joy in the life he was given.

I cry for the boy I once loved. I am overcome with sadness and tears for that boy I once loved.

God showed me the light in this boy I once loved. A light so strong it shines through the darkness that surrounds him. It’s what he loves most. His heart shines through the ink that bleeds on the paper.

I pray for the boy I once loved. I pray his true love continues to shine. His love for writing is what we shared. It was our freedom from the false realities that we lived in without a care. I pray that he now knows his one true freedom. A freedom we all can choose.

I pray for the boy I once loved.

Sean, I hope you know, you are loved.


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  1. This was actually something my childhood friend, Destinie, wrote to/about me. I’ve known her since I was 15, then we lost contact for a while. When I lived in Seattle, we used to correspond. Seems she knew me so well, huh? Better than I knew myself at the time. She has a son now and a boyfriend. She’s also my Facebook friend. I sent Grandma a bunch of stuff as I was preparing to transfer, Guess she confused it for something I wrote. Sorry, Destinie.


    • lara969 permalink

      it’s beautiful and yes it seems she knew you very well.. while going through a box of your old letters recently I found an old school picture of Destinie that she must of given you.


  2. Margie permalink

    Sean’s exactly right about how that mistake happened. Apologies to all. I’ve given Destinie author credit above now.


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