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Teach the Children

January 31, 2015

In a strong, brave America:

I know five children, who once lost their mother and father to drug addiction…

I know five other children who lost their mother and father to domestic violence…

And these are not the only ten children in America or in the world. How many children are in the world without a mother and father? How many children are starving in the streets of America?

There have been battles in court about whether the Pledge of Allegiance should be said in class. There was talk of legislation giving homosexuals their own section of history—I’m not even sure what this means — isn’t their history the same as everyone’s history? How about court battles for more worthy causes? How about some legislation that matters? How about required credits on the education of drug addiction. Required reading like Nick Reding’s “Methland.” How about required credits in school on the education of domestic violence—its cause and what to do if you become involved in it?How about required credits in school on the education of gang violence?

The education on each of these subjects could be one semester in length in the freshman year of high school. The fourth semester of high school could include interactive education in these subjects, such as a trip to a Rehab Facility to talk to counselors and willing patients, and a trip to the morgue to see how people die drink and driving, drinking and taking pills, shooting up heroin. Drug education would include what dangerous chemicals comprise the drugs some people ingest and the addictive qualities, the number of deaths, arrests and such each year surrounding these drugs; also, the misuse of prescription narcotics and their intended use.628x471

Domestic violence , including child abuse, could teach about the harsh realities of how common this problem is, how to recognize it, how to possibly take steps against it. How many children run away from home to escape violence? I have read that one third of America’s homeless are children, many runaways, and one half of all runaways have been physically abused, while one third will attempt suicide.

Gang violence awareness could include how many innocent people are killed each year in shootings, many young children. The dangers of carrying and mishandling firearms and other weapons should be emphasized, as well as mention of the percentages of gang members in jail and prison. My guess at this last would be at least 85%. In California, there are between 150,000 and 170,000 people in prison, and prison is full of its own gangs.

America is the land of the free and home of the brave. So be brave, America! Be strong! Stand up in opposition to all forms of violence and in favor of complete education in these issues for our children.
Sometimes I think my country is growing weaker, rather than stronger. Allowing the Pledge of Allegiance to be removed from classrooms is weak! Occupying our minds with frivolities like the issue of a separate history section for homosexuals is weak! Be strong! Take a look around here. What really matters most? The answer is the lost children, the hungry children, the dead children.

So end violence and teach the children!

I’d like to hear from readers about their answers to the following questions:
Do you think the educational system has gotten worse or better over the years?
Do you think actual courses in school about drugs, violence, abuse, etc. would be beneficial?
Do you think courses like this could ever become curriculum?
Would you support this sort of curriculum in schools?


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