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She’s Got a Hidden Camera …

December 3, 2014

So…this chick puts on some yoga pants and an “iPod” shuffle just above her rump. Only it’s not an iPod shuffle, It’s a hidden camera. She’s walking through New York City and recording a bunch of guys checking out her butt. At the end of the video, it says something like, “Don’t forget to check out your own butt, guys, it’s November, prostate cancer awareness month.” A creative and funny ad, in my opinion, expressing a woman’s concern about prostate cancer. I certainly support the fight about breast cancer. (Link to this video at bottom of article.)

Somehow a minority of people had complaints about the video. With war, poverty, child hunger, etc., it amazes me what little things people can become concerned about. Guys said something like, “Can’t I check out a woman without being recorded?” and some women say something like, “Guys are such pervs!”

I say, “OH, COME ON PEOPLE!” Men like to look, and women like to be looked at and vice versa. There is NOTHING wrong with admiring God’s beautiful creations, and I’m sure the lady with the camera was flattered. So, do not try and make this about how perverted guys are, ladies. It’s a known fact…we’re all dogs…I’m just kidding. And, come on, dudes, if your going to do more than cast an admiring glance, then say something suave and mature, not some boneheaded line like, “Nice chops.”

Women, have you ever caught a man checking you out, either politely or otherwise, and what was your reaction or how did it make you feel? (Be honest.)

Guys? have you ever been caught checking out a woman? What sort of reaction did you receive? Ever catch a woman checking you out? If not, it doesn’t mean they weren’t. Women are a lot more subtle than men. How’d it make you feel? I’m sure a woman could ogle and utter just about any obscenity to guy without offending him, but a sober woman probably wouldn’t do that, because it’s just not “lady-like.”

I once saw a woman in a grocery store who was very scantily clad, and I couldn’t help but stare at her. She was on a cell phone and said very angrily to the person she was talking to, “I can’t even shop without some jerk pervert staring at me.” Perhaps I was being rude; I was only 18, and it seemed to me, she was displaying her wares like they were for sale.

Since then, I’ve been caught checking women out many times without receiving a reaction like that ever again. I believe that our attractions to the opposite sex are subconscious and instinctual. Men and women seek partners they feel would be good for bearing and raising children. We react physically and otherwise when we find a person who attracts us.

I would like to know your opinions on this subject and what you thought of this video ad:


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  1. You had me until you wrote, “she was displaying her wares like they were for sale” but you were doing fine up to that. Great vid thanks.


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