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Special Note from Myla Stauber

November 29, 2014

All book sales in December donated to the families of the Newtown school
shooting in Connecticut. We are approaching the 2nd anniversary of the
Newtown school shooting, a day that changed my life forever. 12/14/12.

To honor the wishes of the parents of Newtown to “go out and do good” in the
world, I am donating 100% of the profits from my books from now until January
15th to the following non profit organizations:
    Started by a Newtown family to provide for the ongoing comfort and therapeutic care of the children of Newtown.
  To provide for ongoing education about mental illness and responsible gun ownership.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my books from Amazon, know that the
entire amount will be donated to these great organizations.

Also, all proceeds from my meditation classes in December will be going to these
charitable organizations as well. Thanks.


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  1. Wow, thanks for posting this! I appreciate it and more importantly, it’s for Newtown…


  2. Newtown was something that baffled my mind. I ranted for weeks on end. My thoughts of this day are shrouded in great sorrow. The strength mankind seems to find in the depths of their soul, maybe barely enough to carry on, in these deepest depths of despair truly astonished me. I pray for this community and for this nation that we can continue to pull together and find ways to stop senseless acts such as this. It’s sad that schools have to be built like fortresses. I wish we could love each other a little more. To quote a line from Myla’s story “From the Ashes,” “Everyone was just so goddamned careless with each other.”

    These two charities are great and I support them and hope many others do as well. Myla, I’m looking at a copy of your book now, and it’s beautiful. I’ve read one story so far and enjoyed it. I hope that people will take this chance to purchase your book and be winners on two fronts: contributing to a great cause and receiving a great read in return. It’s a win, win. Fight the good fight, my friends.


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