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Day by Day

November 29, 2014

by Sean Michael, circa 2004

Day by day is a struggle to survive keeping my sanity alive.
Staring at 4 walls in an eleven by eight has become familiar to me by
this time.
We get what is required by law, but still we are being deprived.
Every now and then I say how I loath being locked up, but at this point
I don’t even care.
When I leave I’ll say, I’m glad to be the hell out of there.
I didn’t commit any crime,
So why am I doing time?
My opinions may change of what I thought or have said.
Maybe that’s because all this shit just plays games with my head.
I am the only contender and player in this game that is played.
I didn’t choose it but at any time it feels like I could lose it.
If that were to happen things would go further down hill and fail to
Things would be at a halt or steadily decline descending further than
any time could bring me down.
Who knows when I would come back around to everyday life?
Day by day is a struggle to survive keeping my sanity alive.

Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, November 29, 2014



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  1. scotthastiepoet permalink

    You capture imprisonment vividly here. Its real… With Best Wishes Scott


  2. i imagine it is hard…imprisonment would be hard for any of us…especially this time of year….i hope you do get to see your family over the holidays


  3. Beginning and ending with the same line is very effective. Nice work here.


  4. I am sure it is a struggle every day and hard on a person’s mind….maybe even moreso at the holiday season.


    • You begin to look at holidays, birthdays, etc. as just another day. A day that delays whatever mail you may or may not have coming, and I do like to receive mail.


  5. The struggle is very powerfully expressed, Sean. I am glad you can share it with us at dVerse.


    • I share as much as I can with y’all — a 180 from the poet I used to be. Thanks for being there for me and other poets.


  6. Powerful poem, Sean! You captured the bounds very well.


    • The truth is I did commit a crime, but I’m not a first-degree murderer–far from that. When I wrote this, I was upset being locked up 25 to life for first-degree murder. Truthfully, I still am.


  7. As almost a complete shut-in for five years by illness and not of choosing i can certainly relate to this still not in a prison of my 12 by 12 bedroom.. and even a smaller prison of a 27 inch i-mac screen that now i have the privilege to escape at will instead of dictated to stay by illness…

    it’s hard to be a prisoner of life and there are so many involuntary and sadly enough…

    voluntary ways to do it…

    Hope you always enjoy your freedom.. as truly i cherish now mine more than ever.. since i lived in what was a prison for 5 long years..:)


  8. To be there with your thoughts as the only real many sufferers and in some cases the bars can even be invisible.


  9. Yes, that is definitely true.


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