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Overrated / Underrated

November 5, 2014

Sean Michael, October 29, 2014

Someone told me that families are overrated,
and I hated the way I knew she was telling the truth.
I said, “Someone must have hurt you bad.”
She just looked at me sad,
the tears fell from her eyes,
and I heard as she cried:

Mama said she’s ugly,
She’d amount to nothing,
She’s a stupid girl,
Not worthy of love.

She ran away into the strange arms of any man,
Eager to please.
She tried too imagine what love felt like,
and closed her eyes as they entered her.
But soon she stopped trying,
and just did it for the money or dope.
Now she’s a whore,
and everything mother said is true.
She’s just a stupid ugly girl,
who doesn’t deserve love.

“That’s why I think families are overrated,”
she said.

But I disagreed.
I don’t think families are overrated.
I just think that families too often
underrate each other.


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  1. You are right, of course. Your words are very wise. The importance of family cannot be overrated, and it is a shame that so many family members don’t understand just that!


  2. it is sad when the own parents don’t encourage their kids but rather put them down…i have seen this often – it’s like self-fulfilling prophecy… families that encourage and care for each other are a blessing…


  3. Yes, it us a self-fulfillig prophecy. Tell a child they’re stupid and ugly enough times, and there’s a good chance this will become their internal dialogue. I think there’s too much focus on what is wrong with little or no positive reinforcement, and I don’t mean a 5 dollar bill per A. I mean “Good job, son (or daughter). I’m proud of you.”


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