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War is Nothing Nice

October 25, 2014

Sean Michael, circa 2004

War is nothing nice.
War is more of a high crime, sending boys to fight.

Boeing, B52

Boeing, B52

Like stars, the bomber airplanes fill the sky,
causing destruction and taking lives.

Soldiers are sent after being trained to kill.
They are given guns and told to duck bullets and be cautious.
These days aren’t peaceful.
We can’t find peace, and I don’t think we ever will.

The government can barely provide the soldiers with money
to buy food and diapers for their children,
but for war they can spend millions.

War is nothing nice, and we all pay the price.

Posted for  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night, October 25, 2014


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  1. Interesting. I read a beautiful poem by Isaac Rosenberg the other day, very apropos to your own… A reason for everything, eh? Perhaps you may enjoy it too:


  2. Indeed.. War has an even higher price than the cost we pay.


  3. There never seems to be enough money to lift people out of poverty, improve their communities and provide decent healthcare, which are the foundations of a strong, free, democratic society. Yet there is never a shortage in the pot, when it comes to financing wars, the consequences of which are unquantifiable.


  4. i wish we could find another way….

    hope you are well


  5. So true war is never nice.. particularly when it’s truly not necessary and becomes a war of game.. and vice… sadly truly.. that’s where we fall too often.. as nation and even people.. who can find themselves in a ‘vice’ grip of war…and hate..

    instead of FREEING LOVE!


  6. I’m so glad my Grandma found this poem. I’d forgotten about it, but I’ve written other poems about war. My most recent, “In the Name Of..” I feel another collection coming together. Thank you for your comments on my poetry.


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