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What Happened to Dinner at the Table?

October 16, 2014

Family values replaced by Xbox and iPhones.Family-Dinner

Whatever happened to climbing trees and scraping knees?

Hugs and kisses replaced by brief hellos and goodbyes.
Whatever happened to a picnic at the park?

Family discussions replaced by emoticons.
Whatever happened to dinner at the table?

The world is in such a hurry, do families ever notice each other anymore? With rising taxes and an ever fluctuating economy there’s more than ever to do. He’s an Army Ant and she’s a Busy Bee and the kid is just alone. He pretty much does what he wants, but hardly gets what he needs. No, no, there’s plenty to eat, but it’s often done on the go, and his clothes are cool, but his cheeks never get the chance to blush when Mom says he’s growing into such a handsome young man. He also has a warm bed to sleep in, and they might remember to tell him goodnight. Yeah, he’s got what he needs, but not really what he needs.

Parents, tell your kids you love them. And, yeah, kids make a lot of mistakes. You usually point out when they do something wrong. But don’t forget to tell them when they do something right.

There are only so many chances before they stop letting you kiss them goodnight.


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