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Respect to One of the Greatest Rhythm Guitar Players Ever

October 11, 2014

In 1969, the rock-n-roll band AC/DC was first formed by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young, lead and rhythm 74jailbreakguitarists, respectively. Then they came out with the song/album “’74 Jail Break”. The original singer Bon Scott died after a night of heavy drinking in which he passed out in the backseat of his car and choked on his own vomit.

At a show before his death Bon Scott had expressed his approval of another singer named Brian Johnson, who was playing with his own band. After Scott’s death, Johnson was the obvious choice for a replacement; in fact, the band felt Scott had already given his blessing and would prefer the band continue to rock as opposed to mourn in silence. A month later the band was working on their next album “Back in Black.” Johnson fit right in, and they released many albums together. Most of their lyrics are about boozing, getting women, and just rockin-n-rollin, pretty simple lyrics with the complex and radical solos of Angus Young. He was quoted in an interview with “Guitar World” as saying “It’s the whole band that makes the music good. You should hear my guitar playing without the rest of the band. It’s horrendous!” About the cool, bluesy rhythms of Malcolm Young, Alice Cooper is quoted as saying “Malcolm’s rhythm guitar was so on point, like a metronome, made the drummer’s job so much easier,” and, “Rhythm guitar is a lost art these days.” Of course, the slapping bass lines behind the guitars and the beating drums keeping time make it all come together.

The band’s longevity and popularity to this day is pretty amazing. In fact, 40 years after their first album, they are planning to tour after their latest release, “Man Down.” The title for the album derives from Malcolm’s degenerating health. Reports from family and the band say that Malcolm is suffering from dementia and is in a home. His nephew will be playing in his honor for the tour.

I wanted to write this piece and take a moment to pay respect to one of the greatest rhythm guitar players to rock the stage. Love and respect, Malcolm.

A couple of my favorite AC/DC songs are “Rock-N-Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” and “The Girl’s Got Rhythm.”

Share your favorite songs here with me and everyone in tribute to Malcolm Young. They could be AC/DC songs or any Rock-N-Roll songs. Music soothes the soul. A black blues player said, “Music is where the darker corners of the heart intersect.” and, respectfully, I add “and create something beautiful and healing.”


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  1. TNT, HELLS BELLS, PROBLEM CHILD, & ROCK AND ROLL AINT NOISE POLLUTION ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE AC DC. amazing performers ! have seen them live 2 times and always a azed by Angus young’s non stop energy!


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