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Chapbook Update

June 19, 2014

As some readers will remember, last year I put together a book of poetry with illustrations called Stygian. When it got rejected because I failed to enclose a reading fee, I decided to add more art and poetry for resubmission elsewhere. Total time I’ve spent on this book exceeds a year. I lost all the recent work when I was in an altercation with the prison staff. I didn’t want to move to a cell in psych, and wasn’t cooperating. So being lazy and vindictive, the officer chose to throw all my papers in the trash rather than a packing box. I received a rather severe beating in the process too. All of that is “prison nonsense.” As for the lost book, I’m again working hard to rebuild it. I’ve even written new poems as well as recovering poems to include in this new version of the book. Luckily a lot of the poetry is stored on my Grandmother’s computer. But there were some poems and art that I hadn’t sent to her yet. Some may be lost forever, as I can only memorize so much. I’ve go a head full of poetry and music. I’ll keep you undated.




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