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Therapeutic Art

June 16, 2014

Once, I was in one of those great relationships that turned into one of those fucked up relationships real quick. We both made mistakes, but this broad went to extremes to try and make my life hell in “real life.” I would never hurt a woman, it’s just one of those things. I’d have to get some other broad to do it… just joking! I’ve always just let these feelings go, along with the woman. If she can take me to the point of wanting to seriously hurt her, I’ve got to run… run… run… I’m not the type of dude to inflict pain. But… it sure was fun to fantasize about killing this one. Hey, just a “fantasy,” not a notion, or what do the docs call it, an ideation. So I drew this picture of her—part of my therapy. There was a song too, but that’s gone now, destroyed by a CO along with all my other writings and art.




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