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Makes Me Wonder / Oblivious

May 26, 2014

by Sean Michael, May 2014

Heard they found the body of a boy near the tracks
Shot to death
Like the tracks in my arms

The new is rambling on about some famous couple’s split
And some fashionista bull-shit

I wonder how many children are starving this year
And why the rich pay a lesser percentage in taxes than the poor
I wonder why the government treats its people like a cheap whore—
Fucking them and leaving them to fend for themselves

Heard they found the body of a runaway
She was murdered
And left in an abandoned building

The news is rambling on about someone famous checking into rehab
and the porno tape she made

I wonder why that molester John Gardner only served 5 years
Then raped and killed two little girls
And there are people serving life sentences for mistakes they made
Laws or contradictions?

Heard a couple of kids had a couple of kids
But they were addicted to meth
Now there’s nothing left of what should have been

The news is rambling on about traffic and weather
Clear roads, sunny skies, a lovely day

I wonder how many foster homes are as fucked up as the previous homes
And how many kids don’t have homes
I wonder how many parents don’t care
And they wonder why the kid is all fucked up


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  1. Yes, i wonder a lot about these kind of things too. Powerful work, Sean.


  2. David permalink

    Awesome flow Sean


  3. Thanks, David. How are you, brother? Drop me a line or two when you can — US mail, FB, whatever works for you. Send me a couple of pictures of your family. Have you seen Hailey?


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