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Catching Up With Mom

May 24, 2014

He tells her about the women who come and go

photo by Ken Light

photo by Ken Light

And how they always seem to play him for a fool
Or maybe he is just a fool.

He tells her about shooting up heroin
And the warm fuzzy feeling
And the sickness that ensued

He tells her he’s still writing poetry
And it mostly sucks
Besides that nothing’s new

She tells him about the kids.
The girl is doing well
But the boy’s been struggling

She tells him she got a few odd jobs
But the car keeps breaking down
And she’s running low on money

She looks depressed for a moment
Then with a nervous smile
She looks up and says, “Wanna hear something funny?”

Catching up with Mom…

Posted at  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night May, 2014


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  1. You’ve created a wonderful sense of observation in this piece– I like how we the reader are privilege to this exchange between these two– and how you kept our voyeurism brief, as if we’d overheard their conversation in passing, missing the beginning and the end, but yet catching this moment tense with unspoken feelings and implications. Great job here. ~peace, Jason


  2. *eavesedropping, not voyeurism


  3. must be hard catching up on those quick visits and then having all week to contemplate those few words til the next visit…

    so when does sean get out?


  4. oh i can imagine how tough that is for both sides… being just there for a short visit and both having their problems but neither can help the other…tough


  5. I enjoyed this snippet of your life, the conversation between you and your mom. I like how the most interesting part of the conversation seems to come at the end but remains between you and her.


  6. That is a real slice of life poem…..interesting the conversations that occur between parent and children. Sometimes important things are said, and sometimes they aren’t.


  7. Hard lives – real lives – well described. And that is just how moms are – worrying about money, but then wanting to lighten things up with humor………it’s why our cackles have a hint of hysteria!


  8. Well done, Sean. Catching up with someone who loves you, and who loves you back, is magical. And I too love the fact that the something funny remains between you and her. Wishing you well, Sean.


  9. strong – this really grabbed me.


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