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Endless Tunnels of Darkness

May 22, 2014

Living a life of complete unpredictability
Chaos and mayhem erupting in moment’s notice
The mind’s eye losing focus…
Some say prison is the easy life
But it’s the hardest life I’ve lived
And I’ve lived many:
The invisible child, the troubled teen
The broken man
The addict and the dealer
The lover and the thief
The wounded and the wounder
The outsider, the creep
But in my cell I am nothing
I am no one
Searching for identity…
From what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard
This world inside these walls is so absurd
necessitated of survival
More blood is shed
On the yard a war erupts
But amounts to nothing of the war inside my head
Nowhere to run or escape this insanity
Stripped of nature
Deprived of humanity
My ears ring with the sounds of calamity
The musical masterpieces of tragedy
Composed in vanity
My madness, my obsession
Become the objects of my depression
For the answers I’ve sought only harbor further questions
Until desire and will is strangled of breath
And what was good and decent is mangled to death…
And now, as clay, I am molded into failure
And one more chance is never enough
A spirit is torn in anguish and scorn
I scream and scream and scream



The walls respond with echoes
mocking me, always mocking me
Then settle in murderous silence
Watching me, always watching me
The fucking walls
I beat my fists upon them
But never do they shudder
I kick and punch and scream
Until the sun sets through a narrow window
And the walls become endless tunnels of darkness
through which I tread…


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One Comment
  1. A richly vivid account– your pieces never cease to move me. Thank you for sharing this, Jason


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