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Screams in the Dark

May 20, 2014

There is not one to save the child



No one to save the man
He screams bloody murder
His pleas are only noise
Living in this place
Deprived of freedom
Deprived of choice

The walls come crashing down
Heavy brick and stone
Bruising flesh and breaking bone
Smothered beneath a temple of failure
Smothering his sanity
Nurturing a psychosis
Germinated of sanguinary soil
The wilting of dreams
And loss of hopes

Stripped of humanity
Nature’s destroyed
In a barren box
The walls have ears
The ceilings have eyes
But there is no beating heart

He screams
Incomplete sentences
The thinking is too much
Stripped of possibility
of what was
And what will never be
Beneath the rubble now
the screams


From → BLOG, Poetry

  1. Wow, crazy powerful. Intense gut wrenching write.


  2. It was an intense feeling when I wrote it. Thank you, Kathryn!


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