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The Wrong Choice

May 5, 2014

When I first began my prison time, one of my home boys offered me a jewel of advice. Basically, he told me not be rash in my decisions and actions, to think it through and get a second opinion. Not to be dubious of my final decision.

I know now that this piece of information was invaluable. I held onto it, but I did not always follow it. and for that, I suffer.

I have learned a lesson of life that applies to prison and anywhere. Anger clouds your judgement. To make a decision in anger is to choose wrong. I’ve lost so much in anger. I’ve lost what I didn’t even have yet to anger. I lost what I could never get back to anger. Anger is a destroyer.

Think it through, get a second opinion, do not decide out of anger. This is a lesson I was taught and, unfortunately, had to learn for myself before I believed it.


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  1. So very true . . . sound advice that is hard to hang onto in times of anger.


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