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A Song for Sad Woman

April 30, 2014

Sad woman, I gave her this name, because she always looked sad and/or angry. Sadness and anger are akin to one another. Anyway, I loved singing to her. It took a few times, but I think she realized I was singing to her. A Guns-N-Roses song—-sorta. I messed up the words and made my own version: “Sad woman, don’t you cry, everything will be alright. You will make it through the dark somehow.”sad-woman

She was always walking around head down with this miserable look on her face. Some people talked shit about her, because she acted kinda mean. But I know why. She was hurting. And that’s what drew me to her. But I’m glad to say that the last couple of times I saw her, she had her head held a little higher and seemed to possess a little more patience.

I hope she continues to have better days. She is a beautiful sad woman, but she’s even more beautiful when she’s not depressed. I hoped I made her feel better or had some part in it. Because that’s all I wanted to do when I sang to her. She and I shared a special moment, and that look in her eyes, I won’t forget. She’ll always have a place in my heart. I really didn’t know her that well. I just had a feeling that she’s a special person.

If you are out there, sad woman, hold your head high and know that you deserve it. I hope I helped you, because the truth is… you helped me a lot, too. Good luck in your life, baby. I send this smile over to you.


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