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Two Songs I’m Writing

April 26, 2014

The first song below is the same story as the poem “Away From the Disarray.” I wrote the lyrics and guitar piece for both. For now, I can only show you the lyrics. It’s a slow melancholy song.

“Through a Crack in the Door”

I heard her crying from the other room
But she did not hear me
I saw her bleeding down on the floor
But she did not believe
I took off running for the front door
But I could not break free
From what I’d seen

Hey, mama, what you crying for?
Hey, mama, what you bleeding for?
Hey, mama, who you praying to
And do you think they hear you?

The verse repeats after a short instrumental break, a simple rhythm, then the bridge varies a bit. As I worked on this song and the next, I cried throughout.

This second song has some extremely beautiful fingerpicking, which I wrote. I practiced the instrumental for an hour straight, looping the rhythm — not easy, when I’m crying the entire time. I’ve had a guitar for a couple of months, but now I’m back in Ad-Seg, so it’s waiting for me in property. I perfected the instrumental and put these words to it… about an event that took place in Tacoma, Washington.

“Eye of the Storm”

(Intro — instrumental)
He screams and she screams back
They’re always screaming at each other
Child prays, “Just make it end”
Hugging Ashley, his only friend,
through Sleepless nights and drug-fueled fights
No one there to teach them wrong from right

(instrumental — no bridge)
Is Mommy dead? in terrible silence she wonders
burying her head as all is torn asunder
Is there a place like the eye of a storm?
I hear it’s peaceful there, I hear it’s very calm.
Is there a place like the eye of a storm?
I hear it’s peaceful there, I hear it’s very calm
(Outro —instrumental)


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