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April 19, 2014

Prison is a barbaric place, though I’ll be honest there are more “normal days” than barbaric days. When I say barbaric, I mean some of the views and perspectives and some of the ways things are dealt with. I say this in regards to both inmates and staff. For instance: some inmates think things aren’t right unless Ad-Seg is full of inmates — something must be wrong if people aren’t getting beat up and stabbed over fucking drug debts. I think it’s a good thing if no one is getting hurt.

Some staff think all inmates are low-life, evil, cretin, worthless people. Some of the staff are the low-life, evil, cretin, worthless people. Recently, I was threatened by a male staff member, a gang investigator. He told me he was going to go out of his way, do his best to fuck up my life as much as he could, and try to get me locked up in the SHU indeterminately. Also, when he was checking me for contraband, he made sexual comments about my body as I had to bend at waist, spread my buttocks and cough. I had to do this repeatedly while he shined a flashlight on my anus and made several disgusting remarks. If I were to report this, the only thing to come of it would be more suffering for me. My cell would likely be raided constantly, false allegations made.

Prison is a society within a society — a corrupt, broken, impoverished society within another.



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