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“Stygian” Chapbook

March 23, 2014

Remember how my chapbook, “Stygian,” was disqualified by “Slipstream” because I forgot to stygianinclude the $20 reading fee? Well, I am glad that happened now. I’ve had the chance to reconsider the book and allow my mind to run away with me creatively. I like what it is now, ten times better than what it was before.

It is now 60-something pages, includes about 7 original illustrations and there are hand-written notes and dedications at the ends of some of the poems.

In a short time, I will be sending the book out to Black Mountain Press; they are reputed to respond within 6 months. In this time, grace allowing, I will receive a good response.

I didn’t want my book to follow a routine or specific format. None of my poems are “forced,” no, they all flowed from my soul to my pen. That’s not to say that they were easy to write or written quickly. But they are real, they are pieces of me.

So, “I hope,” some or all of you will get to read “Stygian” one day. If a publisher doesn’t pick it up, I may self-publish. We’ll see.


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  1. You should definitely look at self publishing if a publisher doesn’t pick it up. I just self published my own book of poetry through which is part of Amazon. The great thing about it is that there is no initial outlay and they only print books as they are ordered. Best of luck.


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