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Words and Pictures

March 15, 2014

A prelude, as we become words spurned from sentences, could be cast into the madness. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words, but can we not paint a thousand pictures with words? Ah yes, and for a moment each frame is clear to the naked eye, but then you blink… you look… they’re blurred… you blink and hold your lids shut… NOTHING… you squeeze them tighter still, and a faint image… but the clarity we gained for a moment via the script becomes true, living, breathing, dying with our creation, and we are back to where we began… like a child without a home, running, waling, hiding, screaming, weeping softly, searching for a safe place… shelter from the cold… for just a little while…


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  1. I love how you turn that saying around . . . and yes I think we can paint a thousand images with words. Powerful write, especially love that ending.


  2. Thank you. As I finish up my book of poetry and illustrations, STYGIAN, I hope I’ve painted the images of beauty from the pain of my words.


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