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Enemy of Time

February 18, 2014

by Sean Michael, February 2014

Alone in this desolation
I sigh my resignation
In quiet contemplation
Of death!
Rip my bleeding heart from my chest
Close my eyes and give me rest
Tear my soul from my flesh
and set me free! [I know]
I’ve never been the man
That I was meant to be
There’s a sea I’m drowning in [Without You]
Called Agony!
The pleasure and the pain we share
Both lead to the same place
A loss of hope that I’ll
Ever hold you again

Time takes your love away
But doesn’t take the pain away
Time is my enemy
Driving me insane
When all else has passed
Only will time remain
Time is my enemy
Driving me insane

Tomorrow Was never promised
And as today reaches end
My thoughts are with you and
How it ended before it began
MY heart sinks like quicksand
Alone and stranded
With broken dreams in hand
It’s hard to believe you planned it
All comes rushing back
With just one crushing fact
You could never be
My friend through insanity
The pleasure and the pain we share
Both lead to the same place
A loss of hope that you’ll
Ever hold me again

Posted at  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #133

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  1. heavy with emotion man…

    i have been meaning to ask, how long are you in for?


  2. Sean's Grandma permalink

    Sean is serving 25 years to life. He was convicted of Murder One under the Felony Murder rule. Basically, he wrecked a truck in the process of stealing it, and the owner, who had jumped into the back, was thrown out and died. Sean was 22 years old. Not having anything much to look forward to in life, he spends a lot of time dwelling on the difficulties of his childhood. As I am sure you have noticed, most of his poetry is dark and “heavy with emotion.” He feels writing is his way of staying sane.


  3. Wow, gritty, dark and emotional. An amazing write.


    • There’s actually another song version of this. Very similar, just omitting certain lines of the poem. Thanks for reading.


  4. Depression is horrendous, I know. You write so well, Sean, I am sorry you are suffering in this way. I can identify with exorcising demons through writing – it has certainly helped me keep sane, whether I write dark and gritty (I call it raw), or light and bright, because I want to drag myself out of the dark.


    • Thank you. I’ve liked your poetry that Grandma has sent to me too. And yes, no one enjoys depression.


      • Well, thank you to your Grandma for sending my poetry to you. Keep on fighting through – you have a great talent.


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