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Walking On Glass

December 31, 2013

As I am sure you know, titles are important, and sometimes I’ve been careless with titles. For example, I wrote an acoustic song called “It’s a Feeling.” That title sucks. I’m not sure if I knew it at the time and didn’t care or what.

But titles are important. They are not just a label. They are an intro to a song or story. They are not just to give it a way to be referred to, but to lure the reader. To sort of sum the work up. To make the reader wonder what the story is about. To give them some sort of idea of what your story will tell them.

I’ve changed the name of my song, “It’s a Feeling,” to “Walking On Glass.” This title is a line from the song and a metaphor for loss. With all modesty, I think the title change is brilliant and does something more for the song than give it a label. It’s an alright song, I guess. The experience I’m writing about sure felt like walking on glass, so I feel the new title is just right.

“Walking on Glass”

by Sean Michael, October, 2013

Hey, hey it’s a feeling
And it’s coming back around again
I see her face on the ceiling
I see her face in the water
and when I close my eyes
Hey, it’s the same old feeling
And it’s coming crashing down again
I’m walking on glass again
I’m feeling my loss again

When I saw her
I was taken away
I said hello
When I saw her
And she just smiled away
I said I’ll take the blame if things don’t turn out right
But I must say
It was a pleasure
just to have you in my life


Oh, she blows me kisses
Before she says goodbye
And I can’t forget it
No matter how hard I try
I spent a long hard time trying to do things right
Just to watch it go down the drain
I know I’m not perfect
I know I make a lot of mistakes
I get insecure
And I lose my way
I’m feeling my loss again

(Refrain and End)


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  1. Great lyrics, Sean. Wishing you the best for the new year, and looking forward to more of your poetry and songs. ~peace, Jason


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