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Hello, Is Anyone Out There?

December 20, 2013

Just nod if you can hear me…

Actually, it’s me that hasn’t been here… I’m not happy, I’m just not. I am trying though, but I like my pain too. It’s there. I need it to feel alive. I’ve cried so many times these last 6 months. Still, now and then, I find the time to smile.

I went outside yesterday for the first time in 90 days. It was cool. I’m eligible to go outside 1 hour per day, Monday through Friday. So that’s alright.

I wrote some cool songs with lyrics like

“Held back by the hands that put us here,
Forget how to love, forget how to fear,
consumed by hatred,
anger and pain at society.
Looked down upon by piety,
they feed you lies disguised as truth…”


“You are the author, of your own life,
pages of sorrow, pages of strife.
The end is not yet written,
you are the author…

I’ve been through hell and
I’ve made it back.
Sat at the table
and ate with the devil…”


“I love the things that cause me pain
I love the things that make me bleed
I love the things that leave me scarred
All the things that make me strong…”

Some stuff like that.

Just when I was inspired, they came and uprooted me from my comfort zone and moved me to a new fucking block. I’m working on a way back to my old cell. Shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to wait a few months.

Sent a bunch of stories out to magazines. I was disqualified from the Slipstream contest for my chapbook “Stygian” for lack of a $20 reading fee… Damn! Looking to place it somewhere else.

I haven’t really been feeling well. NOT TRULY, NOT COMPLETELY. i’ve been neglectful and weak.

I’m very happy people like my poetry.

Damn… I’m out of shape… glad to be getting time outdoors again.


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