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Hidden Treasure

December 3, 2013

by Sean Michael, March, 2012

In the background, the far reaches, a treasure is hidden

She walks barefoot, like Cinderella, through the streets
And hides herself from the judgmental, prying eyes of the world
So they glide past with hardly a second glance
This jewel, ostensibly flawed.

Image from WkiHow

Image from WkiHow

But I saw her, and she was beautiful
So perfectly flawed.

She catches my pondering eyes and looks away
Tosses her hair forward, over her face.
She looks askance and our eyes meet again.
I didn’t know it then but I’d just met my best friend.

A treasure of such beauty, defying description.

Posted at  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #125


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  1. smiles…it is pretty amazing the circumstances that bring us together…and you never know…in each moment…we may be meeting the next person that make s a huge difference in our lives…


    • Yes, she is a great friend. I always tried to give her as much love as I possibly could, because she needed someone to love her and I needed someone to love.


  2. Okay, I gotta know. Does this treasure have a name?


    • Samatha White. She’s a beautiful treasure. Her friendship was such a beautiful treasure. I’m very worried about her right now, because last I heard she was trying to borrow money so she leave town quickly. Where is she? Sometimes I worry that she will disappear completely from my life. She testified for me at my trial saying that I always took care of her and these words will forever be in my heart. I only wanted to protect and care for this wounded soul, the best that my wounded should was able.


  3. This made me smile… a cinderalla of joy… and I love the line

    So perfectly flawed. so lovingly written…


    • Definitely written with love. I am also working on a short story about her. She draw a lot, but has many insecurities about her art and herself. I took her and some of her drawings to a busy street corner one day and we displayed the drawings. She got many positive comments and ended up selling most of them. Even then, I wasn’t sure she believed that her art was good.


  4. hisfirefly permalink

    nothing by circumstance, even that first glance
    there is softness, shyness here


  5. Beautiful. I loved the phrase ‘perfectly flawed’.


    • Yes, “perfectly flawed.” Much of our art is derivative of our flaws. I’ve used art in many ways, often to express the darker side of who I am, but not always. Having flaws is okay, but I have a few to work on, if I ever want to be happy. Can’t imagine being happy.


      • ‘Can’t ever imagine being happy’… this resonates! I do think that we are presented with far too much information on what ‘happy’ is supposed to look like in the western world – perfect looks, perfect home, perfect family, perfect children, perfect car….
        I’d rather keep the flaws, although some days, it’s hard to remember that!


  6. Fantastic


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