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Can’t Sleep

November 5, 2013

By Sean Michael, April 2013

My eyes, all they see is red,
As I lay awake at night,
And fight these demons in my head.

Swimming through the dark alone,
An out-of-body experience,
As the jaws of anger gnaw my bones.

Remembering you standing there nude and disturbed,
feeling the warmth on my legs,
feeling the twang of my nerves.

Remembering the way you made me hurt,
the way you pour salt on my wounds;
I prepare a bed of dirt.

Too many thoughts that eschew sleep,
so many twisted thoughts,
I lay awake feeling like a creep!
Climbing up invisible walls like an invisible bug,
Crush me with a slap of your hand,
No more do I know love.

My eyes, all they see is red,
As I lay awake at night,
And fight the demons in my head.

Posted at  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #121


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  1. whew. vivid…and def hard to get any sleep when those demons come to visit…when those memories wont leave us alone…


  2. Wow. Wonderfully done! I feel you for sure.


  3. Very evocative…my favorite line “No more do I know love” — it sits out of the rhythm of the poem, yet by doing so, gives it a punch, gives it more feeling. ~J


    • I’m glad you think so. I’m not an expert on rhythms & stuff. I just write it how I feel it, and if it needs to be there, I try to find a space for it. This is also the reason I want to record some of my poems to be heard. They’re all rhythmic in my head.


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