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Her Smile, Her Song

October 22, 2013

by Sean Michael, July 2012

She’s so gorgeous,
And she’s looking at me.
She has an honest, incredible smile,
Her smile is amazing.
I could get lost in her smile, those resplendent eyes.

She’s wearing Converse and jeans.
Her shirt has a heart on the front,
Says LOVE in pink.
A million things I want to say.
I can’t think!
Soon, thoughts of her will be driving me crazy.
She’s walking away…

I blink,
She’s gone.
She took the words she inspired,
The words to that song.
In my mind I sang it to her
My voice wan’t great but she loved it anyway.
Because it was her song.

I hope one day someone sings it to her,
Her song,
And she smiles,
That beautiful smile.

Posted at  dVerse Poets, Open Link Night #119


From → Poetry

  1. smiles….we all need to hear that song…and i hope too someday someone does sing it to her…and to each of us….love your thoughts and comapssion on an otherwise ordinary passing…


  2. Oh, this is just lovely.


  3. You’ve captured an instant in time…and the mad rush of feelings that goes with it. Very nice!


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