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The Sly Fox and the Prickly Porcupine

October 19, 2013

by Sean Michael, March 2012

slyfoxThe fox decided to play a trick on the porcupine.
If he isn’t sly, the porcupine will prick him his prickly spines.
The fox moves swiftly, quietly as he sneaks.
He’s decided to hide the porcupine’s tasty treats.
Juicy beetles and creepy-crawly insects is what the porcupine likes to eat.
The fox peaks inside the log and finds the porcupine asleep.
He can see the porcupine’s jar is filled with six-legged feasts.
The fox has to be careful; don’t awaken the beast!
Or the porcupine will poke him with sharp needles on his nose and feet.
The fox crawls on his stomach, sort of like a snake.
He grabs the jar of insects in his paws…
But wait! The porcupine’s awake!
The fox tries to escape but he’s stuck inside the log.
It’s too late!
He said, “It was only a joke!”
But the porcupine bristled and gave him a good poke,
“That will be the last time you play a trick on me!”
The fox struggles and wiggles himself free.
The fox has many tricks he likes to play.
The porcupine has only one: to bristle his prickly spines and drive the fox away.

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  1. just the sort of story poem I would have loved as a child… well done


  2. Wow… such an amusing tale It would make a nice read for any kid. Interesting. 🙂


  3. There are a lot of aspects in this that children love, I believe. The animals, the story, the trickster. Very fun poem.


  4. Laurie Kolp permalink

    Ouch. I’m sure the fox learned his lesson, though.


  5. Yes, sort of like the runaway pancake…love it!


  6. This was wonderful… almost like Aesop’s fable.. and a story with a moral… I like.


  7. sometimes you only need one in which to depend…
    some lessons come with very hard learning…


  8. Marvelous! I love a narrative 🙂


  9. Brilliant work – my kids are going to love this! 🙂


  10. wonderful story filled with humor and a lesson too! K


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