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October 9, 2013

by Sean Michael

ravenfor Alyssa Gomez (1992-2007), R.I.P.

There are none so understanding as the blank page.common_raven_2

An eternal inscription, she wrote:
“They’ll know I’m gone by the blackbird’s angry cry.
My skies darken and time begins to fly.”

A beautiful young poetess, dying inside,
saw death in a glimpse of the future, through lucid eyes.
In search of peace and truth she wanders, the ravenous vagrant,
through the streets in a tenebrous maze,
seemingly without escape from misery’s embrace:
the self-loathing, denial and shame.
The haze of drugs we blame.
But with a stroke of her pen a penance is paid.
And for a while, the blackbird is stayed.

At last, understanding.
At last, beauty.
For a while, no more pain.

But she knows, for flight, the blackbird anxiously awaits
to soar through the darkening skies.
As time begins to fly,
we hear the raven’s angry cry.

Through the weeping pen, immortal life is found.

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  1. i like the thought that in the end…and after….knowing beauty and no pain…
    may all find that peace when the time comes and go gently…


  2. Wonderful words.. a bleeding pen.. a sentiment that the word remains. I like that.


  3. in a way there is a bit of immortality in our writing… yes.. that’s a soothing thought…


  4. This is very powerful. The last line says it all. I do believe that poets CAN find a type of immortality through their words. And words live much after a person is gone.


  5. In a number of my poems and in a novel I’ve yet to publish, blackbirds figure in as a powerful image of death. How well you use them here. A footnote–when my sister was dying after a very brief illness the lawn outside her window was covered with blackbirds.


  6. A really lovely piece of writing artistically done. >KB


  7. The picture of the raven and your well written words have given me goosebumps.Extraordinary writing.


  8. I had to check out who Alyssa Gomez aka Raven was, to help me understand your poem better. Sad life and death, lightened only by the gift of words – which was not quite enough to keep her alive. Heartbreaking and poignant.


  9. Wonderful and powerful, and an eduction to me, to learn about a poet previously unknown to me.


  10. Beautiful piece – well done.


  11. hypercryptical permalink

    A beautiful write. Well done indeed.
    Anna :o]


  12. This story drew me right in and the closing line could not be more powerful. I love the blackbird, throughout.


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