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Writers and Their Insecurities

October 3, 2013

I’ve spoken openly on this bLog of my insecurities surrounding my writing as well as other things. I have read an article about this subject on Christain Mihai’s bLog, All writer’s have them. Somehow we must vanquish them. It’s tough.

I know that when it comes to my poetry and short stories, I most often wonder…

Is this good enough?
Will people accept it?
Could it be understood?
Do I make any sense at all?
Is my character consistent?
How many holes will someone else find in my story?

And the litany goes on. If any of you writers out there can add to it.. share some of your own, please.

Insecurities of a writer are pretty natural. You are writing, more than that, creating a fictional world. Creating people and places and things and putting them in predicaments, trying to teach a lesson, trying to learn something, trying to prove a point…

Did you?

I spent so many long years with heavy doubt, weighed down, repeating to myself what “she” (my paternal grandmother) told me. Hearing it over and over again in my head. I’m nothing, I’m stupid, I’ll never succeed.

When I decided to become a writer, I picked a tough way to prove her and myself wrong. A notoriously difficult business to break into. When my first story was accepted, I was ecstatic, then the e-magazine went under just before the story was to appear. What the fuck?!” I’m still trying to get published. I’m still writing.

The responses I’ve getting to my poetry on this bLog has truly blown my mind and helped me feel better about my writing.

So, I’m still trying. Still writing. Insecurities and all. You should all do the same.



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One Comment
  1. You are right on point! I have all if the insecurities mentioned above and more, but determination is key – just do it! Thanks for the encouragement :)!


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