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A Question Asked of Death

September 26, 2013


(Barrie Chase, Flight of the Phoenix)

(Barrie Chase, Flight of the Phoenix)

Toward her I stumble,
an enervated man wandering the deserts,
and finally finding the sex goddess of his fantasies,
awaiting him patiently at an oasis of majestic beauty.
There she stands,
arms spread wide and inviting.
Leading with a whispered promise in my heart:

“I’ll give you pleasure,
then give you rest.
Still the sullen beating in your chest.
I know you no longer find purpose,
that which you have sought,
but I offer you a reason.
Come to me, just come now,
and find peace in death.”

Contemplative, I stagger toward this creature of such beauty,
her arms outstretched,
ready to receive my query:

“My body reposed; arms folded, eyes closed
but is there rest?
Or does peace cease to hold meaning in unrelenting darkness…
Would it matter if the sorrow ended, would I even know?
Or is death just a place where you cease to grow?
The insipid thoughts, the endless taunts…
What happens to those?
If all that’s left are memories, then it’s best to forget…”

I gaze back over my shoulder.
A desert laid of sorrow,
The ruins from whence I came.
My shoes are worn,
My garments torn.
I look back to this gorgeous figure at the oasis.
She just smiles and nods.
She seems gentle and kind.
Like a mother should,
Or a lover,
Or a best friend.
But I’m not sure…

I take a deep breath.
As my lungs are filled with burning, pungent air,
I stagger forward.
She’s just up ahead,
not too far in the distance
Waiting to dance and love,
Preparing for me sheets of silk to rest.
She’ll kiss me on the mouth,
and her gentle hands caress.

But I’m not sure..

“Death, only one question left…
If we share this final dance,
will you be my last regret?”

Her specious smile never fades…


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  1. Wow, Sean, This is a great metaphor for death and the mystery that surrounds her/it. Having worked hospice, I do believe there is a moment when each person decides it’s time to surrender. It seems like it happens when one has said and done all that needs to be done. Perhaps that’s in question for sudden, accidental death. Who knows?..


  2. is she worth being the last regret…even if she is only the mirage that keeps you moving…keeps you marching ever forward until death truly comes?


  3. Wow, what an amazing depiction of death and the questions that form at the end.


  4. Specious indeed – time to awake and seize life with both hands – real temptresses await!
    Well written, and I enjoyed it very much.


  5. adamsmurphy permalink

    When its time to really surrender, its something you do at once! Enjoyed my read


  6. A rather comforting way of looking at death, capturing her multiple roles, personalities, facets.


  7. The hope and uncertainty of death is so well captured in this piece… love how you describe it as a dance or a seduction… sounds really comforting. but still that doubt in the end


  8. Oh that is TOTALLY cool! Well done.


  9. Excellent. I am pondering this question so much at the moment, unsurprisingly since my dad died this summer. Do we decide when it’s time to stop living? What is it that is the trigger? Do the living have a say? Making peace, putting things in order, inside your head…? So many questions.


  10. death the seduction the mirage the phantom the passion loved it all


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