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Beautiful Song

September 24, 2013

by Sean Michael, April 2012

Angel Vision, scoop web

Angel Vision, scoopweb

She sings of her broken heart
I never knew that pain could sound so beautiful
Her voice conjures the image, in my mind, of a thousand angels
Their wings clap thunder across the sky
Harmonious voices carry on the wind
Whispering gentle melodies against your ears
Cradling you in times of fear
Why run because you are scared?
And miss out on something rare
So she stayed
But her heart was broken
She wants to be repaired
She despairs in her prayers for love to mend her brokenness, dispel the hopelessness
Doesn’t know that, somewhere, he is doing the same thing
Their voices become one
Together they sing
They’ve been waiting for each other so long
Now together they are —
A beautiful song


Posted at  dVerse Poets, OpenLinkNight #115


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  1. sometimes it needs a lot of love to “repair” those broken hearts… it’s wonderful when two melodies become one song..


  2. Love how the repair worked to a harmony… hope it works out…


  3. Quite a different feeling to this one– nice to explore other sentiments sometimes. This has a good rhythm and sway to it nd a nice rhyme scheme as well (brokenness, hopelessness, harmonious)– sentimental without being gushy– nice write! ~peace, Jason


  4. this feels a bit like a broadway play you know…i saw ‘american idiot’ on broadway…it has the love story….but the added element is the need to repair so you can again sing as one….cool write man…


  5. formyfrog permalink



  6. adamsmurphy permalink

    I wish it was a song! With the easy flow of words.. With a whisper of “then the hearts came repaired”.


  7. As adamsmurphy said, this really should be a song! I love the way you harmonized pain with beauty. Well done, this piece!


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