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September 15, 2013

I’m glad I have this bLog. It was a good idea to set it up. I had started with the notion I’d be real organized about it and filter (only put up certain stuff). Fuck that, that just doesn’t work for me. As an artist, I want the people, who come to the site, to take me for and as I am. I kinda look at this bLog as a journal I keep, and I’m letting the world, or at least, a few people, read it.


On another note, I finished my chapbook of poetry “Stygian” for submitting to to the “Slipstream” contest. It includes 36 pages of poetry and 4 original sketches. Win or lose, I am planning to publish it. If it loses, I will make one change. I will include some of my short stories.: “Annabelle,” for sure, “This Too Shall Pass,” and some others. Both versions are going to be put out the way I want them to be: order of poems/stories, artwork, cover design, etc. I’m always open to advice and suggestions, but I won’t let anybody else make a final decision, even if it means losing the deal. I’m stubborn like that. I may take the route of self-publishing… I don’t know. I may wait a little while, until more people are “following” me and I have a better financial situation. I was also thinking of recording me reading poems and maybe selling the book with a CD of me reading. Would that be cool? Then anyone buying it could both read the poems and hear how the author reads it. Hopefully hearing in my voice the state of my mind, emotions, passions, or lack there of. Tell me if you think that would work. I wouldn’t let some other person read the poems — I’d want it to be authentic, an experience. You know? Or perhaps it’s all the dream of a young writer with no experience of the publishing world.

At any rate, finishing this project has given me a focus other than my personal situation and problems, and for the moment, I’m feeling not quite so depressed.


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  1. I also delve deep into projects to relieve myself of depression– keep the mind focused on other things…Keep writing, keep drawing, keep blogging. Best of luck with the contest ~peace, Jason


  2. Yay! I am so glad to hear that you’re ‘going for it’, and I think that reading your poems would definitely be a great idea. Your poetry is so ‘to the core’ that only you would be fitting to do the reading and you know how I feel about your stories so I look forward to the finished product – work it! 🙂


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