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Afraid of Zombies, Roaches and Mice

September 10, 2013

by Sean Michael, December 2012

The roaches skitter and scatter,
The mice titter and chatter.
The tummies rumble and growl,
The doggies bark and howl.

The air is cold and sticky with sin;
It bites the children with its icy tooth;
They lie sickly and thin,
On the floor of the druggies roost.

Mommy and Daddy inhale and drift away;
All the zombies lock themselves in the back room for days.
This place is a nascent hades,
With all of life fading.

A zombie trudges through,
Turns its head with a ghastly smile to the children,
says, “Hi, there. Who are you?”
But without an answer continues to the back room.

The children huddle close,
Pulling blankets that smell like wet dog up to their nose.
As they hug each other tight,
Because they’re afraid of zombies and roaches and mice.


Posted at  dVerse Poets, OpenLinkNight #113


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  1. sad reality….those zombies are scary…more scary than the ones in horror movies surely cause they are real….cool rhythm to this as well…
    hope you enjoy reading some of the other poets this week…


    • Since Sean is in prison, he has no Internet access. I print out poems and send them to him. I link his poems to open link night because the people who come here from Poets’ Pub tend to comment more than others, and comments are what Sean wants most of all. I send the comments to him and then he replies, all by snail mail, so it usually takes a couple of weeks or more before his replies show up on site. — Sean’s grandmother


    • Brian: Zombies in real life are way more scary than in the movies. As a child sojourning in dope houses… it was crazy. I remember once we were left at the house with the teen druggie that lived there, a tweeker and a skinhead, who played in a band. He and his band, tweeked out, up for days, began tearing apart the walls upstairs. Sheetrock was flying and hitting my sister. I said “Stop, you’re hitting my sister.” The Dude said, “Get the kid! Kill the kid!” So I told my sister to run and hide, and that fool chased me down a hill. Can’t believe I outran them My sister hid in a rusty, stripped old car down the hill. I told my parents when they got back, but maybe they were too high to care at the time. Meth is a crazy, crazy thing. I’m glad I quit using the stuff for good.


  2. Sean, a very raw message that sticks with the reader, written from the child’s point of view making it so very accessible and real. If I were to critique this, I would say that your first stanza detracts from the amazing strength of the other 4– yet each individual line in the 1st is good– Perhaps if you ever were to rewrite, you could find a home for each of those 4 lines in the other 4 stanzas, one each per stanza without disrupting the great rhythm that Brian commented on. Just a thought– enjoyed the read! ~peace, Jason


    • Glad you enjoyed the read. I always appreciate comments, advice, thoughts on the poems I post. I think when I began writing this one, the first stanza was like an intro — the poem in a nutshell, but not quite meant to build upon. To be honest, it was the first four lines that came to me while thinking about my past. And I thought “Hmmm…let me make this into a poem.”


  3. Thanks for sharing. Is this a true story? Are these “zombies” actually drug users?


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