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Letter to K. T.

September 6, 2013

This is a letter to a friend, who will never have the chance to read it…

Dear K. T.,

I wish you were reading this letter … you were such a cool woman. I mean that. I liked when you had all those loops in your ear, and your tattoos were really cool. I miss trying to get a look in your dark eyes and playing my music loud enough for you to enjoy it too ( I usually play it loud anyway!!).

I remember one time when I was so fucking angry I could barely contain it. I was burning, and you walked by and went “Shhh,” and I was TRULY TRULY TRULY astonished to find my anger dissipate like that, so quickly. I thought, “Wow, she must understand a little, she must care a little, she’s just a real cool, down-to-earth chick.”

Well, K. T., I’ll remember you.
Rock on.

Sean Michael, The Mad Poet

P. S. There’s more I could say, but thought I’d keep it simple. You’re an intelligent woman, I’m sure you get it.


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