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Sadness and Writing

August 27, 2013

I just wrote a new song, “It’s a Feeling (of Loss).” I’ve got it down pat. I want to find a way to record my songs, a capella for now, and put them on the Internet to be heard. (NB: In prison, there is no Internet access, and visitors cannot bring in any type of recorder.) It’s funny: I smoked a little pot and found this thought in my head: maybe I just like having a fucked up life, even though it’s depressing and makes me want to die; maybe I can have a fucked up life, and as an artist, it’d be worth it, that is, have some sort of meaning. Maybe.

Writing is one of my escapes, but sometimes I get so sad I can’t even write either. Crazy. I’ve only written six more pages on my novel, “Scapegoat.” Thought I’d be doing final edits by now on last draft. I’ve written a few songs and poems. “Aoife’s Kiss” said they’d take a second look at one of my stories. Working on a chapbook of poetry for a contest due Dec. 31 to “Slipstream.” About ready, it includes 5 illustrations and 35 poems for the 40 page maximum.



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  1. Good luck with the contest!


  2. I’m rooting for you!


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