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Getaway Car

August 27, 2013

090048car-600x399by Sean Michael, August 2013

I wish I had a getaway car
I’d drive real fast and far
Away from all the times I’ve made a fool of myself

If I had a getaway car
I’d run around the corner and hop in
I’d press the gas pedal to the floor
And drive all the way to space

I’d drive away from all the hate
And disappear into the stars
Where there’s no more pain
Maybe pick up a chick along the way

We could laugh and stuff
Play the radio real loud
And sing along
Get it on with the front seat reclined

I’d drive away from the self loathing
And the sugar coating
Away from the bitter tears
The quiet fears

I’d drive away from all the faces
And all that’s wasted
From the stygian places
From the self destruction

I wish I had a getaway car
I’d drive real fast and far
I’d just drive
And drive

Posted at  dVerse Poets, OpenLinkNight #111


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  1. Sounds like you want a road trip. Me too!.>KB


    • It would be nice. Honestly, I used to walk a lot. Once I walked from East San Diego to Del Mar Heights — took 2 days. Most of the walk was on the freeway at night.


  2. there is just something about the freedom of the road that makes everything just seem a bit lighter and there are def times i would want to escape from when i made a fool of myself…


  3. Sometimes life lacks a little love. And we need to get away, or fall away into some place where the hurt stops. God knows me well enough to know that. My only advice is to eventually let the chick out of the car because that’s pretty important to maintain your chi dude…. 🙂 and your sanity.


  4. Took me back to teen years! awhh the road and all of it’s possibilities and you in the seat, the best remedy for victory.


  5. My last car was a car like this – I have driven, and driven and had lots of fun – seen the road, the USA and lots of Canada in my little red sports car – but the truth is that wherever you go, that’s where you are. You gotta love yourself to enjoy the ride. Great road poem, hope you get to go.


    • True. I’ve written a couple of poems with a line like “can’t escape myself.” Where you go is where you are. The poem is more of a metaphor. I wish I had an easy escape from all this shit that I deal with daily. Instead I’ve got to learn to accept/deal with it. But it’d be cool if there were a car I could just hop in and drive away from it all.


  6. Oh, to have such a car! Wonderful, fun poem.


  7. I love just driving, its such a freeing experience to me and so i thoroughly enjoy long trips. I always get so lost in thought. nice job with this one 🙂


  8. Gotta enjoy those lines..I’d drive away from all the hate
    & disappear into the stars


  9. I love this one! If only my driving skill were better, hehe. 🙂


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