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Of Ice and Tar, This Hell

August 17, 2013

by Sean Michael, June 9, 2012

It started like heaven,
This little piece of hell.
The crystalline hills melting into pools of ecstasy.
Little did I know…
Deep, run these waters of misery.

The ringing in my ears,
The buzzing in my head–
Eventually the numbness starts to fade,
As I stare into the darkness,
And watch the shadows play charades.

The pain returns, awakened from its slumber,
The drugs plunder my body.
My mind is spinning,
The thoughts are too fast.
My muscles are knotted and tense,
It is impossible to relax.


Last week I was loaded on ice,
Today I’m trying heroin.
The muddy water does its dance down the foil slide,
H, my new heroine.
She makes everything so much better than the norm,
Slows down the chaos,
I can weather the storm.

The weightlessness of it all,

The pain returns ten-fold,
Shivering in the cold.
The hole in my soul is once more visible,
Only slightly larger now.
It started like heaven,
This little piece of hell.


Posted at  dVerse Poets, OpenLinkNight #110


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  1. ! I love the contrast aspect, the descriptiveness and when I see stuff that blows my mind like this, I sometimes read the piece backwards – awesome that way also, but my favorite line: As I stare into the darkness and watch the shadows play charades, – that rocked, well done!


  2. Awesome. Painful. Sad.


  3. Laurie Kolp permalink

    Those last 2 lines about sum it up.


    • It’s good to know I accomplished something I was trying to do when writing. Notice that’s the way the pen starts as well.


  4. its scary….when one stops working you step up the scale…then maybe mix to expand the effect until whats left other than little sips before it all comes crashing down….


    • I’ve done a bunch of drugs. Only good things I can say is I came up with some neat stuff sometimes when I smoked pot. It’s true.


  5. That’s a scary tale, hope the reality of it passes soon.


  6. yes – it ends in personal hell and with things falling apart..ugh… and the flying is just short and the fall so deep


    • Yeah, especially Meth. That’s the worst. I could never do just a little. I was up for a week at a time at least. Hate staying up and tripping like that now.


  7. Very real. Love the line where shadows play charades. Well written.


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