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Forget it… Here’s another song instead.

June 7, 2013

broken-manYou want to hear something crazy? Sure you do. Everyone wants to hear something crazy. My family says they love me, and sometimes I’m not even really sure why, and I that they shouldn’t. And that’s stupid, isn’t it? So either way I’m stupid. It just goes down in flames, in a dark spiral. It just gets worse. I have this fucked-up notion that good things always go bad and bad things always get worse. What about that saying, “We write our own fate” or something like that. So am I writing my own fate or is this the way that it is? I don’t know. This shit’s got no meaning, it’s not profound, there’s no message. I hate worthless writing like this. It’s stupid. And unfounded. Forget it… Here’s another song instead.

Starting to Decay
by Sean Michael, May 29, 2013

(Opens with heavy guitar rhythm)
Verse One:
Open your ears and listen what I say
You touch me again and I will blow you away
Homicidal fantasies carry me through the day
when I think of you I just …
I must have done something wrong again
Always doing something wrong again

Why must I feel this way
Why must I feel such rage
I want to kill someone
I want to break something
I want to beat my head against the fucking walll
I want to cut myself
I want to fucking bleed
I want to …

Verse Two:
God, when I go astray
why don’t you show me the way
Nobody hears me when I pray
Take my mind before you take my soul
Before my flesh turns cold
And starts to decay.

(Guitar solo)
(closes with heavy guitar rhythm)

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