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Until We Lose Our Minds

June 3, 2013

by Sean Michael, 2013

(Written for acoustic guitar)
Sometime you just need someone to talk to
Sometimes you just want someone to love
Sometimes you just want to say hello
And sometimes you you wish you never had to say goodbye

Look into her eyes
And search for something I know’s not there
Look into her eyes
And pretend that I don’t care

I see happy people everywhere
Pretending they’re not sad
Hey, Girl, remove your expensive mask
And let me see the real you
Whoever you are
Just tell me you are true
Just tell me you are true


Search for myself
Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere
Pretend I don’t even care
If I find myself out there
If I find myself or not

And every time that I try to let go
I only squeeze a little more
Until I lose my
Until I lose my mind
I lose it all


Search the stars for words to say
Want to run away
From all the games they play
And if I never see the light of day
Then I’ll live in the darkness
And pretend that my heart is
Pretend my heart is still alive

And I’ll pretend with you
Until I
Until we
Until I
Until we
Both lose our minds

(Acoustic instrumental approximately one minute in length to end)

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  1. i can hear it man…
    we all need someone….and in finding them…in falling in love
    we def lose our minds just a bit….


  2. Such beautiful tone………….


  3. this works — really liked the last line, how you close it out and confirm just how crazy love can be


    • Maybe there’s a “good way” to lose your mind. I probably meant the “bad way” when I wrote this song. But maybe, maybe there is a “good way.” I hope so.


  4. Nice. I guess this is the best way to lose one’s mind – being in love. I can imagine this soulful song. You did a good job here.


  5. Oh this I can hear sung … definitely.. very good.


  6. Very effective and complex. I imagine a key change on the chorus. This really delves the oxymoron of love through lyric and I think it would require the same in melody. Excellent work here.


  7. This sounds good.


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