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Judas World

May 31, 2013

I’d like some feedback on this song. Let me know if you think you would enjoy it with the proper music accompaniment and if you see truth in the lyrics.

by Sean Michael, 2013

Nothing’s what it seems
Nothing’s what it seems
Living in a Judas World.

Selling lies to me
to placate my mind
Lie to me
No never mind

Got to face the world fists up and ready to fight
Life will beat you down
Until you have no sight
Just let me be
They’ll turn on you for free
And drive stakes through your hands and feet
No surrender No retreat No
Living in a Judas World

No more lies
They do no good
I said no more lies
But I knew you would
I should take my time
I know I should
But I rush right in
Now I’m alone
With no crown
Without a throne
Break my soul Break all my bones


Inventing lives for all my friends
Imaginary friends
We all pretend
Lying to myself again
Just try to forgive
Then forget me
Maybe when I’m dead I’ll be free
Living in a Judas World
Living in a Judas World


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