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Writing Songs

May 29, 2013

Writing songs is something I have not done in a long while. Until recently, I wrote very few. I posted a song yesterday and am posting one below. I haven’t titled this one yet; I’m not sure what to call it. It’s supposed to be heavy metal: heavy guitar and drums and bass. Angry voice, not inaudible screaming, just angry sing-songy reciting. It’s okay I guess. Let me know what you think. Any ideas for title? I’m working on another song right now too that I will post later.

Recently I submitted some poetry to River Styx Magazine, and I’m still working on the novel.
Feeling empty   Feeling naked
Feeling nothing   But mistaken
Something lost   Something taken
By hands of greed
Now he’s forsaken
The lonely child
No longer
See his eyes
They tell a story of
Love defiled

Lost in a maze of confusion
Shatter the illusions
With hate’s intrusion

The demon claws are diggin’ in
The anger takes hold
It’s dangerous


Unfilled to sate your desires
Hate is the gasoline to my angry fires
Can not contain this growing ire

Betrayal is thy name
I want to rip the mask from your face
And send the past to its rightful place

Cast stones of blame
No longer do I want to play this game
I’m tired as hell



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One Comment
  1. Margie permalink

    Man, you must have had a hard childhood. Great song though suited to heavy metal. How about calling it “Lost Child?”


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