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About “This Too Will Pass”

April 21, 2013

I wrote the short story “This Too Will Pass,” because it seemed so often that I would hear about kids being bullied and young children either attempting or committing suicide. I think they thought that those moments of pain and humiliation were the rest of their lives, that is, the end of themselves. It made me sad to think that these kids were taking their lives, when really they hadn’t even begun to live. I was a child with a lot of emotional problems, and I hurt myself often, and tried once to kill myself, and it’s all quite perplexing. I guess that’s why my heart goes out to these kids. Because for a 13 year old, suicide is a heavy thought–for anybody, I guess. I just wish that these kids did not have to go through this type of pain, and I hope they know that life goes on. And I hope that the families of these children who took their lives know that my sympathies are with them. It’s a hard situation with which to deal.

I hope that this story is read and felt. It may not be very complex or constructed of the most beautiful prose, but the message is there, and I believe it is a profound one. Priscilla has hopes and dreams, and people who love her. Sometimes that, in a strange way, doesn’t seem like much in the dark moments of despair and turmoil and pain. Sometimes it’s just too hard to even explain. I’d just like you all to know that I wrote this story because it means something to me. In the past, I’ve written down names on pieces of paper and read them aloud to myself–the names of kids who had committed suicide and of kids who were bullied and overcame it. For the latter, just know I pray for you and I cheer for you. Those pieces of paper are long gone, and I can no longer remember the names, but I hope this story will hold some sort of meaning for those who read it.


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