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The Best Poetry

April 19, 2013

The best poetry is the poetry that affects you in some way. And this is really a personal matter. A poem I do not like very much may be golden in the eyes of another. A poem I write is sure to be enjoyed by some and booed by others. So the question: “Is it good petry?” can only be answered by you. I’ve enjoyed poems by Tupac, Alison Pelegrin, Adrienne Rich, Sylvia Plath (love the one called “Mad Girls Love Song”). Poems that tear up my eyes, make me laugh, cause me to go “Hmmm.” Those are good poems. Usually, something I can agree with or relate to or at least ponder. There is a lot of good poetry out there, and it really sucks about the decline of literary magazines, even on-line ones. Where will us poets debouch our souls if they disappear? Well, we’ll figure something out I guess.ponder


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