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Sharing my Poetry

April 18, 2013

Not long ago I was extremely secretive with my poetry. I just was. I can remember one time when this pretty girl kept trying to peer over my shoulder as I sat at a friend’s house on the patio. She said she liked poetry and wanted to read mine. I adamantly and sincerely told her, “No.” I didn’t care if it would impress her or not, in fact, it never crossed my mind. I just did not want people reading my poetry. I still don’t like sharing it until it’s complete, and I might get irritated if someone went through my poems without me knowing. Now I am glad that I have a place to share my poetry with others.

by Sean Michael

Close my eyes and I wish for death
I can see that there is not much left
This life is more than just a test
Take my hand and lead me beside still water
Take me far away from this slaughter
I can hear the derisive laughter
Why do I always feel like I do not matter
What in life is everybody after
Why must I feel this way
Nothing’s real but pain
I want to run away and be a bastard
It seems that I no longer dream
The child bleeds
Why can you not hear my pleading scream
I ask you to love me but do not answer
I feel like such a bastard


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